Taiwan... How was it? (#4)

I never made a post about my greatest life, maybe because of different reasons…

I want to express something about it, but at the same time, I don’t know what to say…

It’s about the life in which I finished conquering my independence, about the significant personal growth that didn’t changed but shaped me.

Life after dead is real but it’s not when your organs and body fails, it’s when you open your eyes, breathe and you wake up… Then you look around to the world that surrounds you.

It’s a trip that is not limited to a checked-in luggage and a carry on…

Your luggage is the knowledge, of how to eat, speak, behave and dress… And most importantly, how to live.

People back home ask me “How was it?” And I’m just thinking… “How can I summarize to you my second life?”.

If you wait for me, calmly, and with patience and attention, and I’ll tell you all about it… I’ll tell you what it was to learn the customs, the feeling you can get when you look at something simple, and explain to you all I thought and felt when I yelled “3 2 1 Happy New Year” right besides the T101, I’ll explain to you how to say “wo jiao Diego”.

I’ll explain you how it is to meet wonderful people from all around the world, dig into their own world, and together, build a universe of our own, without the fear of failing… Without regretting all of the things we’d miss, here and there.

If I tried to summarize this, I should tell you that this was a unique life, big, strong, hard, long, short, sunny, cloudy, friendly, affectionate, tolerant, tender, amicable, open, sour, special, eloquent, bithe, tenderhearted, bening, simple, fast, true, quiet, clangorous, indulgent, thoughtful, coordial, solid, quiet, wise, sudden, deep, beautifiul, magical, new, natural, foxy, lovely, superb, ideal, foolproof, stainless, adept, skilled,sympathetic, utopian, absolute, splendid, opposing, safe, clean, light, soft, cold, lucky, nice, tasty, pleasant, true, fair, dazzling, delightfull, grand, remarkable, lovely, unfalling, cluminating, smart, new, different, notable, great, particular, distant, changing, challenging, antithetic, adverse, cute, pure, dazzling, delightfull, grand… METAPHORICAL, PERFECT, VAST, UNFORGOTTABLE; A LIFE IN A YEAR; it was so rough in some ways but so hopelessly unworldy in others.

A spontanous life, a unrepeatable life, a entire universe in a life; THE BEST LIFE.

Thank you for everything Taiwan, the Hearth of Asia, and all of the people I’ve found on the way… I’ll never be able to thank you enough.


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